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amish and moustaches

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the amish no moustache thing arises out of an association in their minds with moustaches and militarism. a minor irony that a people associated with facial growth would themselves be inclined towards discrimination against another form of facial growth.

having said that, the chin beard worn by the amish has all the pluses of a beard (no tedious daily shaving) without the obvious minuses of moustaches being difficult to keep clean while eating, and sometimes being uncomfortable for ones partner.

the societal response to facial hair is extremely variable. we are currently in a 'yes' phase for beards, but only for neatly cropped goatees and van dykes and the like. moustaches alone currently seem to be the preserve of theatrical villains and gay sterotypes.

on balance however, beards have been more common in western europe than not. only in the 18th and 20th centuries has it been more common for men to be clean shaven than not.

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amish and moustaches

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