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Well it is true enough that there is a time and place for everything and that in the presence of other may not be the time to remove excess nails, but it is none the less a neccessity (sp) for the look of chipped, chewed, overgrown or even dirty nails has a negative impact on ones appearence. There is probably nothing more vular than shaking hands with someone who has last weeks black crud under their nails. Consider other and make a point of occasionally trimming and scraping under your finger and toe nails. Your friends and loved one will appreciate it...

Fingernails explored

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Researcher 191934

However, much can be excused when a split nail has to be dealt with. The consequences of waiting for a discreet time & place to deal with it could be painful & destructive - I know from experience!

Anyway, what is the best time &/or place to trim nails? Is it the same for toenails as for fingrernails? Clearly, it wd be hard to trim the former while driving a car.

Fingernails explored

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Well amongst polite society it would be considered best to deal with the trimming and finger and toe nails during the daily bath time.

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