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Peaceful Dragon (napping)

I have heard missinformed people - yes, even Norwegians! - say similar things about the most delicious Christmas dish for AGES. Where in the world do these rumours COME from???

I have stopped celebrating Christmas because here where I live now lutefisk is a totally unknown dish. I'm too lazy to do it myself, and I am also known as She-Who-Burns-Water, so I have been totally without for three whole years now, and I'm getting more and more desperate as time goes by - especially around Christmas.

I don't know about the bacon thing - never used that. Where I grew up the thing to eat with lutefisk is 'mandel' potatoes, lompe (a soft flat bread made of potato flour basically) and LOTS of salted butter.

I have NO idea what the 'mandel' (=almond) potatoes are called in English - it's a Norwegian type, not even in neighbouring Sweden have they heard about them. They are small and hard, somewhat almond shaped, very yellow and have a very characteristic taste. The only accepted way to prepair them is to boil them - anything else would be considered "a waste of good food".

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