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Clive: Researcher 47734

Does anyone know if we can get these delectable foodstuffs in the UK, and if so where from? I have to get mine sent from Oz at the moment, but as noted they only last nanoseconds once opened (I'm a Pom, but got hooked on Tim Tam Slams (with Port, naturally) whilst in Melbourne). Food of the gods.

Please help.

Tim Tams - imports

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

Glad to see that you love Tim Tam Slams, especially with port. They now have heaps of flavours, such as Normal, Mocha, Caramel, Double Dip.

Should you happen to be making your way back to Oz, especially Melb, be sure to drop me a line. I need someone else who can handle port and tim tams. smiley - smiley

Tim Tams - imports

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Clive: Researcher 47734

Yeah - I got sent a tray of the Mocha ones a few weeks back. Almost a reason for emigrating to Australia in themselves.

Future trips to Melbourne? - I wish. One day when I've got a real job and some real money.


Tim Tams - imports

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

Yeah, I guess so. However I am in IT, so the chances are I could get an overseas trip at some stage, if not in about 2 years time I will take a long trip. I have not taken an internatioanl trip at all, and I want to do it before I am 30.

Tim Tams - imports

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There is a hot rumour that they have some in the NZ House shop - if you can bring yourself to venture in smiley - smiley
I haven't checked it myself (having had a recent-ish consignment), but they apparently were there at some stage. Might be worth giving them a ring.

But doesn't it work with Penguins? (mind you, it just wouldn't be the same)

Tim Tams - imports

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Tim Tams are made by Arnotts, an Australian company, and imported into NZ. You can get very similar biscuits called Chit Chats which are made in New Zealand by Griffins biscuits.
Australians will probably assume that a Chit Chat is a copy of a Tim Tam, but I remember Chit Chats being sold many years before Tim Tams. I reckon the Aussies are just copying NZ again, and pretending that it's an Australian tradition.
I doubt that Aussies can buy Chit Chats anyway - Australian trade regulations are highly protectionist and would make it difficult for NZ-made products to be sold there. The Aussies preach free trade when it suits them, but rarely practice it.

Try NZ House in London and you may be able to find Griffins biscuits. I assure you, they make a better range than Arnott's anyway.

Tim Tams - imports

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Researcher 1300304

not so. one finds new zealand biscuits, and things like potato chips, very cheap, in those discount places. y'know the sort of places...nothing under $2 and such. that waxy new zealand chocolate, the name of which escapes me, in the gold wrapper, even sneaks into places like k mart for the bulk christmas trade. and now that i think of it, griffins is/are even seen in supermarkets.

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Tim Tams - imports

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