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Cheez Whiz (TM) is my one non-food vice. I've been eating it for as long as I can remember. My gramma used to give me Cheez Whiz (TM) sandwiches.

It's great on anything: toast, crackers, macaroni, or straight out of the jar. One of my favourite comfort foods is spaghetti with a can of tomato soup and a generous dollop of the orange stuff on it (must be eaten with ketchup.)

Cheez Whiz (TM) has changed since I was a kid, though. It used to have a stiffer texture when cold from the fridge: now it seems runnier.

I like to _always_ have a jar or two on hand, but I only buy it when it's on sale: here it costs over $10 CDN for a 1Kg jar. I won't pay more than $6 for it on sale. I can't justify more than that, when I can buy a decent _real_ cheddar for about a penny a gram.

Other 'fake' cheese spreads don't have the distinct flavour of Cheez Whiz (TM). I am probably hooked for life.

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secret vices

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