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Poor Dewey

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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

This seems most unfair. As someone who works in a library, I look upon Dewey as a great benefit, and in more more disturbed moments as actually quite interesting. smiley - erm

The main benefit is that in a big library (like an academic library) books on similar topics are grouped together. If you were doing an essay on eighteenth century literature, you could find Defoe, Fielding and Richardson in close proximity rather than in completely different rooms or even floors.

But the entry is jolly amusing anyway. smiley - smiley At least you're not suggesting books should be arranged by colour...


Poor Dewey

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Researcher PH Balance

However, if you're researching Wollstonecraft and want to look up her daughter, Mary Shelley, and her husband, Godwin, then you're screwed. And if it's a large enough library where they have a map, you're screwed...but then the books aren't offered in any of the nice, simple, convenient libraries near you and so you have to drive an hour in traffic to get to the campus, read the campus map to find the library, get to the library and read the map to the library only to end up on the floor dedicated to Asian Studies, when the number you think is the number of the book is supposed to be on that floor. Then you ask the guy at the information desk, who's really doing a last minute paper and can't be bothered with you so he asks you a million times how to spell Wollstonecraft without listening, because he seems to think she's a thrice named food product...I'm sorry I'm venting.

Anywho, I love the entry. It's really helping me through my therapy...
No but seriously, it was much help.

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