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I love what you've done with the dofferent theories. Glad it's made it onto the front page. Are you a psychologist / psychoanalyst / student, or just far too knowledgeable for your own good? I spent 7 years studying psychology, before finally decaring myself too unstable to continue. I was a social psychologist, although during my first degree the college I was at was a very heavy cognitive centre. (Michael Eysenck ran the department). I strayed further and further into social psychology, which I found extremely interesting, getting into Social Identity theory, Self-Categorisation Thoery etc. Finished up looking at Non-linear Dynamic models of socail behaviour. Lots of fun, Chaos Psychology!!

Anyway, one of the thinks I was going to suggest was that it's often intersting looking at how the nature of the theories produced can be interestingly explained by the social circumstances of the psychologists who created them. The theories you've covered are some of the best examples of this.

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Psychodynamic Theory

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