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I feel that if talking about English sandwiches an hon mensh is needed for the chip butty. (For international linguists, 'butty' is a North of England dialect word for sandwich).

This requires (a) plain sliced white bread, nothing healthy or foreign or fancy; (b) chips - and this is open to opinion - of the fat, thick kind, with a steaming centre, certainly not French fries of the kind that rustle on the plate: you might as well have a crisps (Amer. 'chips')sandwich. Add salt and/or vinegar and, if you like (I don't) brown sauce or ketchup. Totally unhealthy unless carbohydrate loading prior to a marathon run is your goal.


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The wonders of the chip butty. As a Yorkshireman I have had more than my fair share of their tasty delights. I may even be tempted to rustle myself one up in the very near future. I have to say that I'm also keen on the bacon and egg butty, and the sausage butty.


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stupidgirl,notanace,possiblyathree (Keeper of thingummies, wotsits and oojamerflips)

Bacon and mushrooms. And cheese. Mmmm, bacon....
With bacon I always get the brownsauce/redsauce dilemma though, so end up having one with each.
Bacon. Mmmmmm.



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Researcher 227847

I'm afraid that I must say that cheese is not for putting in bacon sandwiches, nor are mushrooms. The only other thing that should go into a sandwich with bacon is an egg (or if very hungover/hungry 2 eggs)and ketchup or HP to taste. Accompanied by a nice mug of tea. Beautiful!

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