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American cheese sandwiches

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I'm an USAan and I eat cheese sandwiches all the time. Not that I recommend that the casual traveler attempt this in a standard eatery. No no, if you order a cheese sandwich at any normal fast-food-type-place you're sure to be spat upon (or worse). You must go to either a vegetarian restaurant (not vegan, or you'll get beat up), or a deli (where you'll merely be looked at funny).

Personally, I don't take chances with restaurants and cheese sandwiches. I make my own.


American cheese sandwiches

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Aloysius Q. Blenkinsop Minor

Now see here, Americans, I fancy a cheese sandwich myself, with a little stroke of chow-chow or picalilli on the cheese.
So what's so dreadful about the humble cheese sandwich, may I ask?
Anyone care to answer? I actually do want to know!

American cheese sandwiches

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Researcher 227825

You sad b*****d

American cheese sandwiches

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Researcher 227823

What is it with American's and the humble cheese sandwich? I was in California with a friend a while back and it became a laughing stock that when ever he ordered a Cheese sandwich he got this monstrous selection of edible frippery, at the heart of which was a sandwich stacked with a selection of cheeses?? I told him more than once to just say to the waitress "I just want two slices of buttered bread and slab of cheese please" and that I bet she'd be most happy to give you what you want so that he'd walk out a happy man. But then the British shy reserve kicks in and he says "no, it's OK, I don't want to make a fuss" and he ends up with a munchable mountain range on his plate!

Saying that I can't really talk, I cut mine into triangular quarters, line 'em up and put the two end ones down flat, very dainty.

I have to say that I really don't think you can beat a good Ham, Salad cream and Cucumber sandwich (has to have lots of cold cucumber!!). I am also the proud creator of the celebrated Chip'n'ham Butty (go to a chip ship and get a chip butty - buy some good sliced ham off the bone and you all set - slap it in and you're mates will come running!

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