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Pot Noodle

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Pot Noodles are a staple of university food. As the name suggests, they consist mostly of noodles, which arrive in a dried form. In a pot.

The addition of boiling water to the dried up contents of a Pot Noodle merely activates the beigey-brown powder lying on top of the wholesome dried noodles, thereby unleashing the fury of more chemicals than you can shake a big stick at, along with various bits of dehydrated vegetables and 'texturised, flavoured soya pieces'. Yum.

Should you brave the unappetising look of it all, however, they are actually reasonably tasty, providing that you are both a) drunk, and b) would merrily eat anything, even a kebab.

They are generally available in a range of curious flavours designed to appeal to the drunken appetite, and which attempt to create the illusion of a proper meal. For example, Spicy Curry (yellow gunk), Beef and Tomato (brown gunk) and Chicken And Mushroom (slightly different yellow gunk). Various spin-offs, such as Pot Rice, Pot Pasta and Pot Mash have been experimented with, but all follow the basic principle of taking something tasty and healthy, adding as many chemical colours, flavours and preservatives as are legal, and sticking it in a plastic pot.

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