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I did enjoy this informative but so readable article on rain. The little snippets of poetry, song lyrics and nursery rhymes took away any potential dryness (Perhaps not the correct word in this context) of the very many facts. I enjoyed the gentle humour running through all of it too.

It set me off thinking how much we do use the imagery of the elements and rain in particular so much in the literary world. There are many songs for example. I thought straight away of the classic Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain" but there are lots more. Chris Rea has used rain in his lyrics often. He has even written a song simply called "I Love the Rain"

Perhaps the surfeit of rain we are getting now however may not encourage us to be anything but "proper fed up" with it.smiley - sadface



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I'm so glad you enjoyed the Entry! I worked hard to make it fun smiley - smiley

Rain July 5th 2007

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Well you certainly succeeded Matt. Thank you for it smiley - smiley

Rain July 5th 2007

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Great post really enjoyable till I read a remark that is totally wrong and unforgivable. 'To Catch a COLD' in the rain! This is wrong you catch a cold in a warm/damp environment with close contact to humans, not from rain (you are more than likely not going to catch a cold, if anything be fit and resilient to colds from being out side), cold weather (pneumonia), or from getting out of a bath into a cold room (old wives tale).

The Common cold in much like influenza and is caught from people more often than not, or by touching, eating, drinking something that has been touched by another who has a cold or is carrying the cold virus. Other than that I found the story on rain entertaining and enjoyed the poems, lyrics and the humor, they were very much appreciated, for I have a cold today and needed something to make me smile. Thanks for the info, but please try to avoid misleading statements.

Take care of you and yours.

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