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On the Cusp??

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Hello! I was born on April 20, and therefore some horoscopes list me as Taurus and others as Aries. I've seen more saying Taurus, and I usually(in the pressing situations when I'm called upon to do so) identify myself as Taurus. I have also heard(in the movie Harvey, to be precise), of something called "on the cusp," which I interpret to mean being between two signs. Does anyone know anything about this? Please help me out. My future is on hold until you do!

On the Cusp??

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Martin Harper

Similarly, I was born on Feb 20th - so I'm on the cusp between Pisces and Aqarius. I usually Identify myself as Pisces - mainly cos I know what Pisces are meant to be like (dreamy, slippery) and can't recall what Aquarians are meant to be like... smiley - winkeye

So I'd guess that you're on the cusp too - the different horoscopes just round forwards or backwards - after all - newspapers like to keep things simple for their dumb readers, right? smiley - winkeye

On the Cusp??

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Don't pay any attention to this stuff (Hello Lucinda, my frisky little orgy partner). I'm a Pisces--March 3rd to be exact--and I'm not a whole lot like my official sign, cusp or not. It's nice to be a fish and all, but I like the Chinese "Year of" scheme.

I'm a pig. Much more suitable, really.

On the Cusp??

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On the priciples of magnetic pulls from the heavenly bodies affecting your personality, a person on the cusp is affected by both signs. A cusp is generally a range of about 6 days, the closer to the first or last day of a sign, the more qualities you will add to you main sign. This is actually so sensitive that the first day of the sign generally changes every four or five years or so.
Personally I'm a first day Libra, Sept. 24, 1975. As such, according to my signs I'm torn between wanting to have carefree fun and the nagging wonder if I left the stove on everytime I leave the house. Libras have fun (more than most people really) and Virgos bitch and grip and worry about everything. Most Virgos could be said to have OCD. As such, if there is any truth to signs then this would explain my need to research everything, but with the attention span which only allows me to devote 5 minutes at a time to each subject. Much like a Gemini (except with out the researching part.)
By the way, April 20th is a pretty important date. It's Hitler's B-day, My baby brother's Birthday and The aniversary of the Columbine shootings. April 19th is the anniversary date of the Oklahoma bombing and the Branch Dividian Fires. Needless to say, I generally stay home wrapped up under my covers on these two days. I wonder what it is about the cusp of Taurus and Aries? What is wrong with you people?
smiley - smiley

On the Cusp??

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Saddled with a Scorpio Moon but still smiling!

My goodness, you must have died of boredom waiting for a reply to this one! The answer (I think) depends on the year you were born...but you'd have to an astrologer know that (I could have a go but I'm only learning). Because the signs change every 28 days or so they can shuffle about a bit from year to year.

Anyway, to confuse you, most people don't appear like their sun sign at all ... more like a cross between their moon sign and their ascendant. The moon is the persona or the way we present ourselves and the ascendant is what we look like.

If you do want to ask an astrologer there's a wonderful one on h2g2. His nickname is Astrognome but quite how you find him I don't know. He did my chart and it really changed my life. In fact it started me studying astrology! If you want to find him but can't, let me know and I'll see if he's happy to give you his email address.



On the Cusp??

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Saddled with a Scorpio Moon but still smiling!

Hi again...I found AstroGnome and you can trace your way to him via the conversations on my space (if you want to!)

On the Cusp??

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Some Guy

He's wrong! I'm right!

Plus, my predictions never change so it's much easier to plan your life.

On the Cusp??

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AstroLion – the mane man!

OK people, salvation is at hand for all you cuspers! Just tell me which year it was and I'll tell you what Sun sign you are. Some of you may have to tell me the time of birth as well but that's not very likely.
BTW, Meg was right - most of us are dead ringers for our Moon signs rather than our Sun signs. That's why the horoscopes in the newspapers don't necessarily work.

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