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Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Cos McCowboy

One place to go is Celestial Reasonings (http://www.dotcomedy.com/horos.html). Any others? The print version of The Onion (http://www.theonion.com) has a good weekly horoscope column, but doesn't put it online for some reason.

Don't nobody forget the song on Weird Al's (http://www.weirdal.com) new album - "Pisces: Try to avoid any Virgos or Leos with the Ebola virus. You are the true Lord of the Dance, no matter what those idiots at work say..."

Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

The main reason that this "science" hasn't evolved at all since its origins is that Astrology isn't a science. And neither is Scientology. Scientology was invented by a rather desperate L. Ron Hubbard in one of the Pro rooms at a convention in the 1950's.
Astrology was invented a long time ago by people who knew very little about anything and wanted some way to explain the unexplainable in a way that made sense to them. That the activity attracts some very bright people and so much attention leaves me wondering why they haven't seen the very very obvious: that Astrology is founded in wish-fulfillment, not science.


Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Check out the latest highly-unscientific ones now posted each week on my page

Lots of good horoscopes available...

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What does this remind you of?? It reminds me of Religion, parts of science (many theories (that will be replaced quickly with another theory that will then be replaced quickly) -- not the laws (I think we can be pretty sure that gravity does exist)), ect. Many things pull in a lot of 'bright' people into belief only because it is the best lie currently in existance.

Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Zozzie Dolittle

I feel the need to object to your somewhat patronising tone. And in any case you are all wrong about astrology not "evolving" at all. Astrology has a very long and rather varied history! It started off thousands of years ago as an agricultural tool. Using the phases of the moon and so on to help with the managing of crops! It then went on to become used for society, with the individual not really being important enough to have their own chart. As a shift occurred culturally away from the society and onto the people, so individual birthcharts came into use. Obviously, this occurred slowly. At some point around the middle ages, and thanks mostly to the churches condemnation of anything it couldn't control, or 'opposed' it's doctrines, astrology became less commonly used. It did however survive, mostly due to alchemists. Around the mid-nineteenth century (I think) it revived into a more widespread usage, although it was still somewhat uncommon. It's more recent incarnation (outsideof the newspaper columns) has been as "psycological" astrology. This isn't an attempt to make 'sound' more scientific, but rather explains and defines apart from other types of astrology (deterministic, mundae, medical, etc...). I don't know a real time frame for this as it has never really been the history of astrology that has interested me. But I can reccommend books to read for anyone who would like to know what they are talking about!!!

I can also provide further definitions and explanations of astrology and astological usage.

I never read horoscopes in newspapers or magazines, they will always be vague and innacurate. It is unfair to judge all of astrology by them. A birth chart doesn't just contain a sun sign (more commonly known as a star sign) but has a sign for every planet in the solar system. These planest can then have (but don't always have) relationships with other planets. This all adds up to something far more complex then half a paragraph in a magazine!!!


Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Normal windows look like this:
Our windows are like that, but they also have gates over them like this:
Print this out, cut out the two boxes, and put the X's on top of the H's.
Then hold the two pieces of paper up to the light.
Then you'll see how much light we get. But if you don't want to go through all that rigmarole, we'll tell you.
We don't get all that much light.
Why are we telling you this?
Because this week you will see the light, and be all the better for it.
We just wanted to give you something silly to do until then.

Lots of good horoscopes available...

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Just like most major religions

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