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THE KID (Romancer of the Realm of the Rediculous)

I one time having been proded by a lass. Had a birth chart done on me. From time date & place of birth. It hit the Nail on the Head
It said that l would In my early 20s face a life threatening condition and that i would be ok. Well l was 21 and it happened and i made it. I don't know they could have done a check . But Medical Records are private. So l don't think they had access to them. everything else about me was accurate. They have done them on people of some notariety, such as the Zodiac Killer Rameriaz. His Birth chart Looked alot like Hitler's
In WWll British Intel use Astrology to help plot the moves of the Nazi Higherarchy. Whike I tend to agree about the daily Horoscopes. Not all of it is BS

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Researcher 194213

English is such a dificult language to master.

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Just Another Number

Obviously. "Difficult" has two f's.

smiley - doh

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think &think again truth will be there

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