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And of course we have this word to remember him by smiley - winkeye

Much reading I have done has been quite critical of him.

His reconquest of Italy completely devastated it (and impoverished the Empire too) and left Italy in the dark ages for many hundreds of years with severe depopulation.

He instituted severe punishment and persecution for religious heretics as he saw them - later Emperors were even worse but followed this lead - this eventually led to christians in North Africa and in the middle east to hate their rulers so much that they allowed the Muslims to invade without resistance in the end. The heavy taxation he began also contributed to this.

So while his achievements seem great - his long term legacy is very questionable.


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Gnomon - time to move on

smiley - ok


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My top two desired holiday destinations are Rome and Istanbul

We plan on Rome later this year if possible (although since we're buying and selling houses this year this may be postponed...)

You'd never guess why... smiley - winkeye

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