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I spent a week in Mablethorpe in June - Wimbledon week in fact. The first Wimbledon week in living history when it didn't actually rain (too much). Mablethorpe - a town designed to make you appreciate what Skegness has to offer.

I actually liked 'the strip' in Skegness (although perhaps liked is too strong a word). There is an amusement arcade with some classic video games that are still only 20p a go. And some machines that take 2p pieces. Kept the kids (and the wife) happy for hours. And they do a reasonable fish and chips at 'Harry Ramsbottoms' (sic). Although admittedly, I've had better at home. smiley - smiley


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

What a sad story. The Skeggy I remember was of the still fairly-shiny sixties. My family were among the hordes trekking from Nottingham. Curiously enough, as you say, the sea *did* seem to play a minimal role in the overall Skegness experience.

My memories of the place, good ones, center mainly on the beach; which, if not pristine, seemed clean enough to a city kid. The sea was rumoured to lie somewhere off in the distance. If you were hardy enough, you could hike, Lawrence of Arabia style (with knotted hanky hat), across the sandy wastes for a shivery paddle.

Far and away my favourite Skegness attraction, though, was the donkeys. It would be a sad thing indeed to learn there are no longer Skegness donkeys. smiley - smiley



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Last I heard the donkeys are still at Skeggy.

I lived in Horncastle for ten years before returning to Kent 5 years ago. My children's memories of Skeggy will always have the donkeys on the top of the list, after that I should think the Indoor Activity Centre Panda's Palace would come next closely followed by the beach and the sea, then the arcades and finally fish and chip suppers before going home.

Skegness may not be an ideal resort but for children living near the east coast resort it was a great day out.



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You lived in Horncastle? Where? What did you do? Ever been to the Angel? Old Nick's?

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