A Conversation for Tigers


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the scobe

I think Tigers are very cute cuddly sort of things. (not in the flesh obviously they would just rip your head off) They are also in a lot of danger from habitat loss AND those 'nice' people who have them in their homes when they have been rendered harmless!!


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Personally, I would rather a Tiger was "rendered harmless" than aloud to stalk the living room. That would be rather dangerous wouldn't it? In the words of my old mum: "You could take someones eye out with that thing!" ...metaphorically speaking of course. Back to the original entry though, another place that isn't good to have a tiger stashed is in a box of breakfast cereal, which another company thought was a good idea.

Splee smiley - smiley


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That breakfast cereal is tiger-flavoured, didn't you know?


Post 4

Sheepish Lord of Chaos

I never realised that tigers were that flaky. Also, they taste rather sweet - does this mean that there's a high sugar content in your average buffalo?


Post 5

Purple Moose

No, there isn't a high sugar content in bufallo, they're actually quite salty, well that's what the local tigers say...


Post 6

Sheepish Lord of Chaos

So eight out of ten big cats say they prefer buffalos?

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