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Joleen Donahue


What a marvellous piece on Tigers.
Full of the right information for people who don't quite understand the gorgeous creatures.

Just one thing... i see that you have mentioned almost every species of tiger there is; I said almost - What about the Indochinese tiger?
These are found in Thailand, Myanmar, southern China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and peninsular Malaysia.
There are fewer than 2,000 of these left in the wild.

Please look them up on the internet - they are fascinating.

Keep up the good work
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Thanks for the kind words smiley - smiley Glad to see the Tiger is appreciated!

The Indochinese was mentioned in the piece though, (second paragraph :"There are five major species of tiger in the world currently, these being the Bengal (or Indian), Indochine, Sumatran, South China and Siberian."), but it's true, the best place to look for more is on the internet. Did you check out the companion piece to this one - Tigers in Danger A730874 ?

That has more about the Tiger. Check out the World Wildlife Fund too. There you can sponsor Malu Pothi, a tiger queen, and her family.

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