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If male, and attempting to keep up a hard image, steer well clear of anyone wearing glitter, as you will be finding it on your face, and in your hair, for months after.

(says the guy who lets Amy put retro pink nail varnish on him)


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Only on your nails, one hopes.smiley - winkeye


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Anyone remember Gary Glitter?

Didn't he do that...

"Doo-dah...doo-dah...doo-dah-dah..." song?


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Fenchurch M. Mercury

Hey JTG, why is there a pretty picture on the article? I went to reuse it and it said I wasn't allowed to edit it, and all of a sudden there's a pretty picture...?


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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

The rozzers stopped by his gaff for a nice cup of tea a few months back, and took him home with them. He'd sent his PC back to be fixed and they found the hard drive bursting with child porn. Or so I hear.


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I want pretty pictures too-where do they come from? And can we have some.


He's on my full monty soundtrack John

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Researcher 52798

..but I dont have a clue which song!...I only listen to hot chocolate..hee hee....John...havn't I seen you somewhere before?...

Glitter, Gary

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Gets everywhere
Not to be used near children
Or you will get six months

He's on my full monty soundtrack John

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Hey, if you saw the look in amy's eyes when she held that nail varnish up, you wouldn't be able to resist her, either.

Mandolin. Now that's a cool name.

He's on my full monty soundtrack John

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Oops, i probably shouldn't have said that. i think she's on this site, somewhere.

And for those of you who missed it......

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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

He got four months. And he'll leave walking like a woman.

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