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Adenoviruses persist for years as latent infections of adenoids and tonsils, and are also a significant cause of disease of the respiratory tract and eye. Certaoin species have been found to infect the denitourinary tract.
Adnenovirses types 1-7 are the most common species (associated with human pathologies) worldwide Several of the lower numbered species, plus Ad8, 19 and 37 are major causes of eye infections, while Ad37 has been associated with gential diserase.'Ad40 and Ad41 have been claimedto cause up to 10% of infantile gastroenteritis.
Adenovirus infections are spread by coughs, sneexes and dirty hands.

Human studies show that almost one-third of obese adults carry the virus (see Entry) compared to 11% of non-obese adults.
Rercent research from Loisianna State University, using fatty tissue obtained from liposuction, showed that the virus could stimulate stem cells to change into fat cells.
This study, presented at the American Chemical Society's Annual Conference this month, provides stronger evidence that SOME obesity cases may involve viral infections.
The research could lead to the development of anti-adenovirus drugs or vaccines aimed at combatting the obesity epidemic.

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