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47318 - I am a number not a free man

Lycra is the 90s equivalent of Spandex...

As such, it tends to be worn not only by those of a sporting nature, but also by those of a more "couch potato" nature.
If you see anybody who falls into the latter category wearing Lycra, run far enough away that they can't hear your shrieks of laughter!!

Couch potatoes wearing Lycra should be banned by the Geneva Convention under the heading of "unfair warfare"...

AndyF smiley - winkeye
Who is something of a couch potato, but doesn't wear Lycra (honest guv!)


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Yes, as discriminatory as it sounds, there are definitely "lycra people" and "Non-lycra people". And I suspect I fall into the latter.

And what's REALLY irritating is non-lycrans who take up cycling, and then after their little ride, drag their form-grabbingly-clad buttocks into cafe's and have lattes and so on, whilst the other patrons choke and gag at the well defined sight of an out of control rump swinging before them.

I'm not saying that non-muscletoned persons shouldn't ride bikes, but can't they just wear NORMAL clothes ?

And the other thing is girls that wear lycra leotards that are too small for them, and suffer from "The big V" or "The big W".

Enough from me I think.


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Yes, I too am guilty of having once owned a pair of lycra shorts. It was at a much younger age when they were "hip" or "cool". Your preference. But, is the fault truly mine? I think not! For it was my mother who bought them for me! Thank you for letting me vent.


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47318 - I am a number not a free man

If you wear clothes that are bought by your mother, then I'm afraid the fault still lies with you I'm afraid.

AndyF smiley - winkeye

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