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Economics (see also Religion)

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"I wrote an entry for economics, and saw it was already done... so I thought I would write it here and see what the Ed. thought (Kate)"...
> Divided into numerous sects, this movements was founded by the Classicists. After centuries of debate the Laws of Supply and Demand were set forth. These stated that if you want something, somebody else will have it, and if you have something, somebody else will want it. Keynes (John Maynard), generally regarded as the accountants' Messiah, said that if you have something other people may not want it. Friedman (Milton), messiah of salesmen the world over, stated that everyone was wrong and if you wanted something you should stop asking other people and go to the shops. Currently the most influential economics views in the business worlds are those of a person called Dilbert, from whom business persons the world over seek daily advice.
"It continued on a bit, but that's the brunt of it, what do you think?"

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Economics (see also Religion)

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