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Save the MERP!

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Lord Falk LeGrey

Oh great! Iron Crown Enteprises just announced that they won't be printing any material for MERP anymore... Middle-Earth Roleplaying is the heart of the Rolemaster also. smiley - tongueout If you have MERP in your home keep it wisely, it is soon very rare piece of roleplaying history! smiley - smiley

Save the MERP!

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Acid Override - The Forum A1146917

Three years after your article there still is a MERP game continuing in the attic of a small pub in the middle of birmingham.
MERP will live forever smiley - smiley

Save the MERP!

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The one and only BOB (Knight of the attack penguin puppet masters)(We are Susan Winkle. Join us. A1097363)

The only game whose critical system makes it possible to die by stubbing your toe.

Wonderful game.

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