A Conversation for The Channel Tunnel

Johnny Halliday

Post 1

Peter Hilton

Um, wasn't Johnny Halliday actually born in Belgium?

Johnny Halliday

Post 2

Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

Shouldn't that be filed under "Knowledge You Should Never Admit To"?

I shouldn't criticise really - as a teenager holidaying in France I looked forward to his videos with more than baited breath......

Johnny Halliday

Post 3


LOL - I agree with the last guy!! smiley - winkeye

Johnny Halliday

Post 4

Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

You're not following me are you? smiley - smiley

Johnny Halliday

Post 5


That bugger was in ALL our French textbooks at school, in a doomed attempt to get with it and get down with the kids and prove even French teaching could be cool and current and happening... "Hey Kids! This is what French kids of your own age are grooving to, the fab sounds of Johnny Halliday"

We speculated that somewhere in the lycee system in France, French kids might be opening their English textbooks to a page where Cliff Richard stared back out at them with a great big cheesey grin, and they were asked to believe that this was England's no. one pop star...

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