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You are correct with respect to saving time and messing about loading when comparing the "Chunnel" with the ferries. My trip home each year makes the ferry a better bet for me though, I think; I drive 6 hours from Frankfurt to Calais, from there the ferry trip is just the right length of time to allow me to buy and eat a full english breakfast, buy a paper and fail again to do the crossword, have a rest and to take a tern around the deck. I am then ready for the next stage, 3 hours drive in England (only this year the customs stopped me at 1 in the morning and started being official! What a nuisance).
What the tunnel did for me is to get the prices down a bit.


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Olaf the, er, Hesitant

I rather like the way on the Chunnel that they play you the alarm sound during the English message, and tell you that the next time you hear it you should head for the exit....

....I wonder how many people head for the exit a few minutes later when it plays again as part of the French message.

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Peter the Puffer Nutter

If you wish to experience Eurostar without the risk of travelling under 20 miles of water then it is rumoured that GNER (Great Northern Railways) are leasing some of the spare Eurostar fleet. (Channel Tunnel can't fit anymore trains down their tunnel at the moment).

GNER will be running them from Kings Cross to Scotland. (Another country with a foreign language).

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Or, on the other hand, if you wish to experience the 20 miles of water without the Eurostar, you take Le Shuttle. Drive your car to either end, or do what I did, take a bus from Paris to London. That was the only channel crossing of my life, though, so I've nothing to compare it to.

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I've heard the chunnel is also equipped with a special 'service and emergency' tunnel, it's small but you can get all the ambulances, or service vehicles you need down it. If so, it is also incredibly useful for smugglers and animals with rabies. So that's nice.

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Researcher 54413

Do you really mean that you "take a tern around the deck" ?

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this bloke was on a sea cruise and saw another bloke each morning walking around with a sea gull on his head.
After some days bloke 2 was so curious he asked why.
I am recuperating and the doctor said I should take a tern round the deck once a day.

Boom - boom.


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