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Three things....

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One, world population is exponential. Its bad enough that people are living to 123, kids are having kids, and couples think the old fashioned way of having six kids over several decades is, well, old fashioned. Americans... Want, want, want, now, now, now...

Two, war and disease will catch up soon enough. With any luck.

Three, soil is going bad and food will be gone. Can't eat that 76" TV now can you?

Well fellow hikers, these next years will suck. Deal with it. Bue don't panic. Alcohol is in good season and usually, when you're in the right environment (especially if you're a female), flows like water. I'd even invest in a still, and maybe some low pressure sodium lights, a five gallon bucket and hemp seeds for a hobby.

But, thats just me.

Three things....

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

I'd like you to elaborate on what you mean because I'm not sure. My guess is you're suggesting getting pissed for the next several years, although what women have to do with this I'm not sure.

thanks for the clarification


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