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Eirik Bloodaxe the American Norge spelling sorry

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ever since I was a young teenager,I have been intrested in my Norwegian Heritage and The history of the Vikings. When I came upon Bloodaxe I was like hell yeah, I like the name of this guy So then I read that in one account His Father Harold said To him "You are my Favorite son but your brothers are ahead of you". So that is when he started commiting Fraticide to his Brothers But hey this was not uncommon in any Royal Monarch's throughout time it's weird how He has become this Excpetional case study of Killing His Brothers, it almost was normal to do so in those days. He was A proud Warrior and a harsh king he was Viking it comes with the territory.
So when I started a Wrestling Organization with some of my friends those of us who had Norse Heritage, chose Norse Names my friend Paul named himself Olaf. So any time I battle I call upon the spirit of Bloodaxe. He would be proud of my never say die attitude I being the smallest got Beatdown more so than my other friends, but the thing that made me stand apart from the rest was even after Wrestling ten or more times. I would be the first To step up we were not an Actuall Pro Organization just a bunch of Friends who made our own, tired of the TV's B.S and ever since we have Proudly continued the tradition of Combat. Even taking it to a " HardCore level" but hey it's all in good fun. So tell me what you think until then have a good Day
Sincearly MR Ssmiley - cheers

Eirik Bloodaxe the American Norge spelling sorry

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Nice to hear that the spirit of Eric still lives on

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Eirik Bloodaxe the American Norge spelling sorry

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