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"Kimba"...I mean "SIMBA!"

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Baron Grim

The first time I heard of this controversy concerning whether Disney had adapted 'Kimba the White Lion' was after seeing an episode of 'The Simpsons'. A cousin of mine who knows more about anime than I did at the time pointed it out. In this episode of 'The Simpsons' a discusion about the Disney film came up and one of the characters says something along the lines of "...when Kimba...I mean SIMBA..." [does whatever]. I found the line curious but nonsensical until my cousin filled me in. Now I think it's hilarious, a nice little in joke I didn't get before.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this here's a nice fan website with a lot of detail: http://www.kimbawlion.com/

I personally believe that Disney did have full knowledge of Kimba. For whatever reason they decided to deny this after the fact. I find it shamefull considering the lengths that Disney Corp goes to to not only protect their copyrighted properties but to have copyright law changed in ways that may mean that NOTHING they do will ever become public domain. And for those out there who do not see a problem with this, keep in mind that most of the notable pre 'Lion King' animated features were derived from public domain sources, sources they did not have any financial obligations to. For example, think of all the Disney features which were adapted from stories by Kipling, the Brothers' Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. But if anyone even puts a picture of Steamboat Willie on a tee shirt without permission, Disney's lawyers will react faster than one can say "M-I-C-smiley - yikesAAARRGGHHH....

Anyways, that's just my smiley - 2cents

BTW, Nice article Jodan... I enjoyed it. (And believe it or not, I enjoyed the movie as well smiley - biggrin)

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"Kimba"...I mean "SIMBA!"

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I don't think I knew about this (I might've I forget things) before it went into PR. Interesting

Thanks smiley - smiley

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"Kimba"...I mean "SIMBA!"

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Sea Change

I always assumed without knowing that it was a Kimba remake and that Disney had licensed it.

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