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So, what can we learn from this...

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As a voter, there is one important thing we can learn from this...

If someone asks you for your voter registration number before or after you vote, give it to them, because (A) It's only valid for one year anyway, and (B) It will save you the aggravation of being hassled by several political parties in the evening before the polls close as they try and get more people to the polls.

As a political worker (I must admit, I did this when I was young and impressionable (18) mainly because they were paying the bar bill after the election result was confirmed (why else?)), getting people's numbers is a good move because it will save you leg-work later on as you go around the district offering free lifts to people who have yet to vote, as well as avoiding a load of verbal vitriol from the people who didn't read the previous paragraph.

Of course, if you are a political canvasser, and feel particularly mean, especially if you think your campaign this year has been a bit of a lost cause, by all means feed totally bogus numbers to your other-party colleagues, on the basis that _next_time_ you will get better support because your party will look infintely less clueless than the others.

Could I be that mean? Hell, I'm a sysadmin, OF COURSE I could be that mean... smiley - winkeye

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