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going downhil

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From childhood on, I was a rather diffused person.
But, I am not 15 years old anymore, I'm (as far as I can recollect) 55 years.

My memories seem to be going downhill.
Mainly, I hope, because of lack of good sleep.
Try to remain positive...

Sometimes I visit a shop twice on a day, forgetting I had already been there.

Last week I bought some nice spicy mexican food and I hung it in a bag at a handlebar.

Suddenly I hear a woman saying;"Is this food yours?"

"Yes, it's mine".

"Well, it hangs at my handlebar"...........

"Oh, my gosh" smiley - smiley

greetings from Amsterdam

going downhil

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Pdmatthew - Probably In a corner somewhere with a guitar

My apologies for your memory, to be honest my memory isnt great myself (and im only 20). It was the reason for my years of research on this subject and this article. My reason for fogetting is that my retreival cues get mixed up allowing for extended memories of political, historical and trivial subjects but day to day stuff dissapears.

I find that if you follow the hints in the article then you might find things dont elude you as often.

going downhil

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Ive got exams in 2 weeks, and ive been trying to find some good learning techniques.

after about 2 hours of studying it just feels like my mind is full and i cant take in any more information. smiley - sadface

how can i put what ive learned into the LTM and clear my mind to take in more?? smiley - erm

please help smiley - smiley

smiley - coolsmiley - cake

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