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Druidry and Reason

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Ragged Dragon

Congratulations, Math.

A beautifully presented, well-researched, well-written piece which contrasts sharply with some of the ill-made articles often seen in Pagan publications and even in areas of the bbc (!).

Have you considered submitting this to the Religion section of the bbc for inclusion as part of the descriptions of Pagan Reilgions which at the moment is limited to Wicca?


Druidry and Reason

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Ragged Dragon

Bother - just seen the spelling error



Druidry and Reason

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Matholwch - Brythonic Tribal Polytheist

Why thankyou milady

I thoiught that there was a piece on druidry in the BBC site. I'm sure Bobcat wrote one a while back? I'll have to go look.....smiley - footprints

Druidry and Reason

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Ragged Dragon

Hi Math

I posted the ref to your druidry piece on the bbc religion board - and I thought you might like to see this reply...

re: Druidry Robin Herne - 99th post - 14 Oct 2003 18:17
To go through some points...

They were a priestly caste whose roles also included teaching, healing, advising and acting as independent judges.

***Quite so.***

They seem to have originated in Britain and spread west. Not, as is commonly thought, to have come with the Celts from their Indo-European roots.

***So Caesar said, and I'm inclined to think he may have had a point.***

They revered a wide range of Gods and spirits and met often in wooded groves, sometimes called 'nemetons'.

***Damn straight!***

Training to become a druid was a long and arduous process. It followed a carefully laid-down structure that demanded a lot of knowledge, wisdom, verse and stories. It could easily take 20 years.

***True... though many started very young, hence the 20 year thing.***

The last great centres of druidry were deliberately targeted and destroyed by the Romans in the 1st Century AD.

***Not quite ~ in Ireland the druids maintained influence much longer, a fact often overlooked by those too centred on the mainland experience.***

A good example of this is the Irish goddess Brigidh, patroness of smiths and poets

***The myths of goddess and saint fused, but there was such a person as the Abbess Brigit. I'm not entirely sure what a saint is, but if they exist at all then there is probably a being called Saint Brigit distinct from the old goddess.***

In the 18th Century the first of the modern orders of druidry appeared.

***Llewellyn Sion's forgeries are credited to the 16th century.***

It must be understood though that the only way to truly experience druidry is 'in the field' with a druid.

***Very true.***

All druids honour the earth and hold it, and all things upon it, to be sacred.

***Yes... least ways I've never heard of a druid who didn't.***

This is seen in the eightfold festival calendar, where there are celebrations every six weeks or so.

***Not so. Many druids today hold 8 festivals (same as Wiccan Sabbats.) Historically there is scant evidence for rituals at the equinoxes. The evidence for solstice rituals in minimalistic. Certainly at the winter solstice travel for big ceremonies would have been very difficult. Small family gatherings are more likely. The historical details on the four major festivals (Samhain, Lughnasadh etc) do not always tally with neo-pagan/Wiccan beliefs about those festivals.***

In honouring the earth most druids recognise and revere the spirits of the land.

***Proper druids (ie ones I like!!!!) definitely would honour spirits of the land at the start of each ritual.***

Druids generally see themselves as stewards of the earth, not its masters.

***Pretty much. Or as just another species trying not to muck the place up too much.***

Druids honour their ancestors of both blood and spirit, and seek to learn from them.

****Very much so.***

In less-informed neo-pagan circles, druids are often seen as stuffy and overly concerned with natural and ancient lore. Some even call them 'geeks',

***Not if they like having teeth they don't!***

Druids work with and revere the gods.

***Absolutely, Failte Ogma!***

Whether this be a single universal force, a belief in 'The God' and 'The Goddess', or a recognition that there are many gods and goddesses in the land. There are even Christian druids,

***Mutter, grumble, snipe, growl.***

Druidry is a broad and tolerant path

***Except for me.***

The key words here are 'work with' and 'revere'. Note that the Researcher did not say 'worship' or 'follow'. Druids tend to respect their gods but not slavishly worship them.

***Totally agree.***

All druids recognise the Awen. This is a spiritual energy that flows through all things.

***Or Imbas, if you're Gaelic.***

Druidry is not a path of power.

***Ah, for the good old days when it was...***

There is a greater magic in the seasons of the year, the birth of a child, the awakening of a mind, the healing of an old dispute, or a poem well put, than in any mere spell or potion.

***Yeeesss... except that would be to distinguish a well composed poem as different from a spell.***

The orders constantly research and publish material of relevance to the advancement of druidry.

***Whilst some publish utter twaddle that puts the credibility of the faith back decade.***

They act as a focus for the druid community as a whole.

***Some of us have yet to find a Druid Ordert hat we would be happy to be seen publically fraternising with.***

If the reader should ever come across an order or individual that demands obedience or binding commitments (or wads of cash) then they should simply ignore them.

***No, they should punch them. Repeatedly. Until they stop acting in that manner.***

***Pretty good on the whole.***

Slainte, Robin

Druidry and Reason

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Matholwch - Brythonic Tribal Polytheist

Thanks Jez,

As I'm sure you are aware, get five druids in a room and ye'll either start a fight, a ceilidh or an endless bl**dy debate smiley - biggrin. Which is why my entry is so generalised.

Matholwch /|\.

Druidry and Reason

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Ragged Dragon

Shucks - you mean you ain't going to start a fight?

Damn you, you, you,,,, you /druid/ you!!!

Jez - heathen and witch...

Druidry and Reason

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Matholwch - Brythonic Tribal Polytheist

So you want a fight you heathen you, huh? huh?

Well that can be arranged!

As the challenged one I get to choose the weapons....hmmmmm

I choose peashooters with chocolate coated peanuts as ammuntion. You can eat any you can catch. I call on Azahar as my second as she won't eat all my ammo as long as I keep her supplied with Sherry.

One point though druids love the dawn so that'll be time.

The location is up to you smiley - ok.

Matholwch the peanut hound /|\.

Druidry and Reason

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Ragged Dragon


I thought you might get into a fight with Robin, not me...

Ah well - location...

I choose the Looking Glass World of Alice.

Jez - heathen and witch

Druidry and Reason

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Matholwch - Brythonic Tribal Polytheist

Hi Jez,

No thanks, I have enough problem with walking never mind running just to keep still.

I've posted that stuff to magpie's technical board for you. let's see if the young IT Wizard can work his magic smiley - ok.

Bright blessings,
Matholwch /|\.

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