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I enjoyed the journey of the whale's evolution that you took me on immensely! I'm a great fan of whales and all marine/aquatic mammals, so this was areal treat for me to read.smiley - wow

Congrats smiley - bubbly on a fascinating entry!

May the smiley - magic bless you!

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I agree.
Great entry. I'm facsinated by evolution and will (hopefully!) be studying marine biology in university. It's funny, basilosaurus (sp?) makes me think of a tadpole growing its legs, only in reverse. It also made me think of how dinosaurs of the T-Rex type (can't remember the family name) have diminutive front arms, makes me wonder if dinosaurs hadn't been killed off, would that group of dinosaurs have evolved into having no front arms at all?
Anyways, enough of my rambling! Great entry!
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Good Entry! We need more entries on the history of life on Earth.

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