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Conditions for perfection

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Maybe it is well-know desire for all of us to be in the state of perfect apathy as long as you can. After reading the article I recall the wish I had all along in my life; to develop the art of laziness to the perfection. (Some of my friends think that I am lazy enough, but comparing to my goal, it is certainly not. Writing, reading, connecting to internet, starting the computer, think about spelling, etc.)

To develop the art of laziness is not easy. You have to be VERY lucky.(you may starve to death, freeze to death, or be eaten by your cat/dog/iguana/etc) Plus you have to believe in the power of will.(for example you tell yourself that you hear nothing when you hear the noise of housebreaking or the sound of bulldozer's coming to demolish your house) It requires much effort than to develop the most comfortable position in bed or on the sofa.

Well I meant to write, but now I fall into the state of unresistable laziness, again. So long.

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Conditions for perfection

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