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i see this is mostly old posts but i saw no mention of one of America's favorite words "shit"
other than the obvious meaning there is

Shit! --as an exclamation

That movie was shit( or shitty)-- that movie was terrible

that movie was the shit- that movie was terrific

you shit(head) (or) don't be a shit(head).-- you jerk (or) don't be a
jerk (i dont know if jerk is
an Americanism but i
guess you could substitute
wanker )

shit (pronounced sheeeeit) --disbelief or disapproval such as

"hey could i borrow your car?"
"sheeeit" )

shit- (pronounced shiit )- sympathetic such as

"i loaned my car to fred and he wrecked it."

shitfaced- really drunk "i got shitfaced last night"

shit for brains- stupid "hey, shit for brains!"

shit- things and goings-on that you dont like
"clean up this shit"
"you've got some shit on your face"
"I'm tired of your shit."
"Dont give me any shit"

shit-- marijuana
"this is great shit, lets roll another"

For more uses of shit i suggest watching "trailer park boys" which while it is Canadian has great examples of ways to use shit. oh and as of yet i think im the only one using it but i'm trying to bring into use "shit-tastic"

some more shit

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I had an English friend who pointed out that Americans seem competely focused on our "backsides". He noted;

Everyone is an "asshole"
Don't be an ass.
Kiss my ass.
Pain in the ass.
Kick in the ass.
Can't drive to save your ass.

As well as all of the shit references.
This car is a piece of shit
I feel like shit
Deep shit
Wouldn't say shit if you had a mouthful of it.
I got shit-faced last night
I have a shitload of work to do.
There's lots more.

some more shit

Post 3


Might wanna mention that "Ass-backwards" is more commonly expressed in the pig-latin, "Bass-Ackwards," at least in the Midwest. The Midwest is also famose for it's other "clean" curse words, such as 'fudge,' 'cripes,' 'Holy Moly/holy cow,' 'gosh,' 'dang/darn,' and the like.

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