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The "Dude, What, Word, Man" Game

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A game that can be played at any time by any number of people for any desired length, granted that all players are slightly to very inebritaed, or under the influence of some other foreign substance. The object of the game is to carry on an original, meaningful conversation using only 4 words, 3 of which are passe American slang and the forth the interogative, "What?". There is no order, people speak whenever they wish, but genearlly say only one word. Interjections of non-game words is strictly forbidden, and when one occurs, the game is over. The exception to this is that on occasion acknowledging sounds like "oh" and "ah" are acceptable, as well as the occasional, "yes" or "no." A very shrt sample conversation (sans interjections...) would look something like this:

Player 1: Dude!
Player 2: Man?
Player 1: Dude!!
Player 3: what?
Player 2: what?
player 3: what?
player 1: Word!!!!

It may not look like much, but if you're 'influenced' enough it provides hours upon hours of good wholesome entertainment.

The "Dude, What, Word, Man" Game

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

Have you seen the Bill and Ted movies, by any chance?

And on a related note, there's "question tennis" (a version of this was in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"). The idea is for you and your opponent to take turns asking questions, with each question being a legitimate response to the other person's question. Your opponent gets a point if you make a statement, or repeat a question, or ask a question that doesn't make sense in context. First to three, or whatever number, wins. For example:

1: Whose turn is it?
2: Isn't it yours?
1: How should I know?
2: Why wouldn't you?
1: Why would I?
2: Why would you think I would?
1: Who cares?
2: Does it really matter?
1: How should I know?

(and with that, Player 1 loses a point for repetition.)

You can easily see how fast this degenerates into inanity. But it's still a lot of fun.

The "Dude, What, Word, Man" Game

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Martin Harper

Nod - that game's on "Who's line is it anyway?" on chanell 4 here in the uk... lot's of fun - to play and watch...

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