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Railway track speed-whip

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While travelling for hours on a train its always best to get a window seat and play railway-track speed-whip. This involves imagining you're a small one-wheeled embryonic organism whose wheel fits nicely on a track. Project yourself out of the window and onto a track which you can see. And your off, travelling as fast as and parallel to the train. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible and pull off some stunts too. To get more points you have to jump from one track to the next, the further the track is away from the train the more points you get. You can only jump one track at a time so you move slowly out. Where you start to pass a complicated sidings section you can go out quite far away but beware! these tracks often stop short and if you don't get back onto a continuing track in time you can crash into a set of buffer things and loose a life. Also you can sometimes be quite happily riding along a track when all of a sudden a train coming the other way squashes you, or the track veers off and takes you elsewhere! Another life lost. You have as many lives as you need to get you too your destination.

Railway track speed-whip

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Researcher 47962

Sounds like you would enjoy a dose of number platemaths quiz. Simply make thew first two numbers equal to the third through any mathematical trickery. Not as easy as it sounds. Enjoy!

Railway track speed-whip

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The 1 and only Elkherd

You can do a similar thing on power lines from a car or other vehicle. If they go out of sight - kapow! Lose points for getting stuck in sub stations or ending up in buildings.

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