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Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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Researcher 45992

Do pre-pubescent kids still play Kiss-chase? Rules of play being variant on Tag: that your average 10 year old boy pursues similar afed girl and if caught she submits to a kiss [at that age this usually results in "yeuch"].

I also know a friend of a friend who used to build Santa traps, complete with stakes - not to mention the home-made rockets...

Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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Ahhh...but at age 8, wasn't it the girls chasing the boys ?
I seem to remember the more anal version of this being dogsmuck chase. Small, grubby urchin scrapes up tiny amount of dogsmuck on a stick and chases girls, trying to touch their dresses with it. I never did understand what the significance was...

Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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remember playing kiss-chase when we were 5...way back when no one really appreciated it...
such a shame all those friendly kisses were wasted, isnt it?smiley - winkeye
btw - never heard of the game with the 'dogsmuck'...seems a little disturbing...

Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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Dolphin Girl: Patron Saint of Incoherent Ramblings; Keeper of Flutes and Singing Watches

Me and my friends played kisschase when we were 5 but it seemed to be about 5 girls to one boy. Ahhhh long lost innocence!

Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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The 1 and only Elkherd

They never used to let me play. Boo-hoo. Oh, I'm all depressed now.

I did play a version of the dogsmuck game, but we used human faeces and there weren't any girls. There were just two of us, in fact, but then the dog died. Ah, long lost innocence...

Kiss-chase and other more painful pursuits

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i dont seem to understand your version of this dogsh*t game - or anyone other version, in that case...
but hey - just popped over to your page elk and its khule (dont know if this is an acceptable spelling - just
picked it up from another forum) - nice to see theres another 16yearold around here smiley - smiley

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