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Cloud shapes

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Mark Moxon

I always like lying on my back in summery fields, staring at the clouds and making shapes. I once spent three years doing precisely that.

It's amazing how addictive it can be, especially when you've got a six pack for company.

Cloud shapes

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Dolphin Girl: Patron Saint of Incoherent Ramblings; Keeper of Flutes and Singing Watches

My friends and I always used to compete at this game without telling each other.
What you do is point to a cloud that looks vaguely like a blob and say, "That cloud looks just like my mum!" The other kids, not wanting to admit you can see something they can't say, "Oh yeh!" Then another kid would point to a cloud that looked actually just like, well, a cloud and say something like, "Look that's our head teacher!" To which the response would be "Oh yeh!".
This game would continue until the bell went for lunch at which point we all went skipping inside like the innocent children that we were (not!).

Cloud shapes

Post 3

The 1 and only Elkherd

Oh, you're all so innocent. I always see axe-men and little girls with severed limbs and stuff. I can't look at the sky at all, in fact, I'm so scared. And on cloudless days if I look up I think I'm going to float away out into space. Better not try LSD then.

Cloud shapes

Post 4

the potter

I am wondering about the real possibility of being kidnapped by badgers. This seems just as likely as seeing a white rabbit with a pocket watch run by muttering to himself about being late. Perhaps with that LSD or other such substance all things are possible. But I think I'll steer clear of anything that makes me paranoid about badgers thank you very much.

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