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Eyebrow smoking

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Researcher 48671

Why do people who smoke, namely me, automatically raise the left, and only ever the left, eyebrow on inhaling cancer fumes??
Am i alone with this problem??
Or is there a medical explanation for this curious habit??
awe inspiring answers will be appreciated.
is there a cure??
are there other side effects to smoking that i am not yet aware of??
answers on a postcard.....

Eyebrow smoking

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well I was smoking for just a small period of time, but I am unable to lift my left eye-brow only!
I´d like to but I can´t... but there are other side effects, like impotence: YES some part of your body will NOT twitch and swell!
maybe there is a connection with your eyebrow problem: the cancerous fumes block some of your blood vessels and so the blood is rerouted to somewhere else, in your case the eyebrow. when I keep smoking too much my stomack starts to work quite intensively... this might be another symptom with the same cause... but what is the connection of traffic jams to all this?

Eyebrow smoking

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I have to be honest, I smoke but cannot move just one eyebrow. Is there something wrong with me?

Secondly, smoking causing impotence? I didn't know that. Although I think this could be a good selling point for the cigarette companies. How many people dont want to have children? Think about smoke lots and you wont have kids, although you mightent have much of a sex life either.

I have been looking around this site for 40 minutes or so, but is it me or does every discussion here eventually turn to sex? I may come back here more often if every discussion here resulted in sex, but the 'net isnt that advanced....yet!

Eyebrow smoking

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It might not cause impotence - but does reduce the chances of having a healthy baby. That's if anyone wanted to make love to an ash tray anyway (have you smelt a smoker recently - preferably after a week of abstinence (no I meant from smoking)).

Eyebrow smoking

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Paul the Brake

I smoke and I can't raise one eyebrow either and I don't have the impotence problem yet, mabe because I'm only 45.
As for the smell...this is only a problem if I don't shower at least once a week and wash my clothes...now let me think ??? when did I last wash these underpants.

Smoking Smell

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Interesting point on the smell front, I've lived with smokers and a large majority of them unfortunately (and rather disgustingly) have a very specific smell that they leave in lavatories. I have heard whispers about how smoking can make your urine smell, but was not sure if it was true. Has anyone else witnessed this regretable phanominom?

2 good places

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Cannott Spel

M25 South Junctions 7 to 15 Heathrow

M1 from the M25 to Luton

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