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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

I have to say that I missed GW when it was first released and only found it when a few colleagues started talking about GW:Factions when it was released in April.

I've never been interested in the other MMORPG's such as WoW, Eve or EverQuest, mainly cause I don't fancy having to pay for the game itself and then pay a monthly fee to be able to play it.

One good thing about GW and GW:Factions is that even if Factions is a totally new game in itself, you can bring your GW characters and start playing the Factions world with that character.

However, one drawback with this is the inflation in the game. Since there are a lot of players that have been playing with characters for a long time, they have gathered a lot of money, and therefor ask for ridiculous amounts of money for everyday items.


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I have heard (from those who spend large chunks of their lives obsessively playing such games) that despite the one-time purchase of Guild Wars, WoW is still the best out there. They are quick to note, however, that fewer morons seem to play Guild Wars, and they like the idea that Xp can only come through quests, not just grinding (or bashing, as this article calls it).
As for what Ku'Reshtin said about the terrible money problems, that will happen in any MMO, and is just a sign of a young game. As time goes on and more people join, the economy should settle down. The same thing happens in WoW when a new server starts up.
Anyway, that was a good article, I very rarely see anything on the front page that I know anything about.


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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

The quest system for gaining XP is very good, I agree.
It's fairly easy to get a new Character up to Lvl 10-12 just by going through the first basic quests of Factions which I think is pretty good, cause it gives you a chance to not get killed every two steps outside a city.

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