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Hitler was not vegetarian.

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smiley - aleIt's a myth that Hitler was vegetarian. He was advised by his doctors to give up meat because he had trouble with his digestion and he did cut a lot of meat out of his diet but not completely. He loved ham.

Hitler was not vegetarian.

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...and apparently Hitler also ate pigeons. This non-issue of Hitler being a veggie is regularly brought out of its grave and dusted off by meat-eaters to appease their own consciences. Even if he had refrained from all meat - so what? Vegetarianism is not just a lack of meat-eating, it is a state of mind. Further - the fact that human rights violators such as Bush, Stalin, Pinochet, Franco, Mobutu, Sharron etc etc are or were meat-eaters says what about other meat-eaters?

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Hitler was not vegetarian.

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