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Best kebab shops

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Researcher Mad Ade

CHACHAZ Takeaway, 142-144 Sheffield Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Doner kebabs made fresh daily on the premises, none of that nasty factory made pap. Established in 1982, has changed names from "The Barnsley Kebab and Curry centre" but remains in the same hands. I you are ever in Barnsley, then call in, Tell Latif that Adrian sent you.

Best kebab shops

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Best kebab shops

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Researcher 203416

I was never a kebab fan. Grease laden, poisonous meat, hidden in a pubic forest of cabbage, and wrapped in microwaved pitta with the consistency of cardboard, was not my idea of a good night's meal. Well, that was until I moved from Glasgow to Birmingham. Even my unprepossesing local kebab shop in Acocks Green was a cut above anything I had tried in Glasgow. Surely this is Kebab Heaven. The epicentre is on Ladypool Road, and some pronounce the Lahore as the finest kebab shop in the Western World. But they are, in my humble opinion, wrong. On Stratford Road, a little away from the bright lights of Ladypool Road and thus unjustly neglected, is Hafeez, a place which conjures up the finest mixed meat, fresh-naan wrapped kebabs I have ever known. These are kebabs that it would be sacriligeous to eat whilst drunk. While you wait (and yes there is a little wait, for your food is cooked freshly) Hafeez offers up little appetisers of chips for free. His hospitality is boundless. Hafeez is the finest kebab shop in the world.

My only regret is that I have now moved back to Glasgow. Whilst there are many benefits of being in a lively city with easy access to the Highlands and Islands, the kebab shops are not on the credit side of the ledger. If anyone out there knows of even one demi-decent kebab shop here, I would be grateful to hear of it... smiley - sadface

Best kebab shops

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Best kebab shops... Manchester

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I am a recent migrant to the city (from Liverpool via Brighton, London and Northwich). Santos kebab top end of Cheetham Hill, opposite the San Rocco Italian. They do great shish & kobida(kofte) and they make the bready nan thingy right there and then in the oven. The chilli sauce is reasonably hot, though not eye-popping. For the wimps the gentlemen there will lay on both chilli and yoghurty stuff, which makes for a cooler kebab. Get your kebab 'eat in' for a better food arrangment. The Brother acknowledges them to be the best kebab he has yet experenced.

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