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Murphy paradoxon

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With some friends of my, I always ponder the following question:
What happens with a cat, if you bind a toast with butter on its back, when you throw it out of the window.
On the one hand, murphys law tells us, that it has to land on the butter side, but another rule of natures says, that cats always land on their feet. Anyone know how to solve this?

Murphy paradoxon

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Well, it has been theroized that if you do strap buttered bread to the cat and drop them they will spin just above the ground, leading others to imagine a great cat/toast monorail linking the great cities of the world. However all you really get is an angry cat.

Murphy paradoxon

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Mandrake & Dr-Fraud

Dr-Fraud recently took it upon himself to test this "Cat + Buttered Toast" theory and is now in the process of patenting his Perpetual Motion drive.

Murphy paradoxon

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

I would love to see pictures when this is all said and done.

Murphy paradoxon

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GAHD, Misspeller of Words, Keeper of Things that never were and have yet to be;

lol, you shureley have to realise that the cat would land on it's face, that's the least likeley smiley - winkeye :P :D

Murphy paradoxon

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Researcher 191203

I personaly think the cat would land on it's butt or side, though it would be really cool to see a cat spinning in mid air like that.

Murphy paradoxon

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

No, what happens is that the toast would detatch and land face down, with the cat on its feet. This would occur even if they had been pohsically, biologically melded. smiley - cat

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