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Guillaume Le Gentil

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The French astronomer Le Gentil (his full name was Guillaume Joseph Hyacinthe Jean-Baptiste Le Gentil de la Galaisiere) had travelled to India to observe the 1761 Venus transit, but didn't reach his destination in time due to the Seven Years War being in full swing. He survived a hurricane and severe illness, but remained to view the 1769 event, when, just during the transit, there were clouds blocking the Sun. Le Gentil was so depressed that he couldn't even write his report to the French Academy of Sciences. When he eventually returned home after an absence of 10 years, he found he had been presumed dead, his wife had remarried and his job at the Academy had been given away.

Murphy's Law could be renamed Gentil's Law in his honour.

As a fellow astronomer, all I can say is poor smiley - bleep and hope his next life fared a little better...

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