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I'm amazed how many guys I know love this fairytale.
Why do men find this story so appealing?


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I am a man, and i onpenly admit that this is my favorite movie.(and on my top ten list of favorite books) I like because it's hilarious, no matter how many time i watch it I always laugh, which is saying something because I have the movie memorised. It also has a lot of action. I, for one don't really care for special effects if it subtracts from the story. Sword play is the best action, it's elegant yet there's always a good chances someone's gonna die.This movie has it all!

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That's cool.

I had a lot of male friends at uni who loved it and I hadn't seen it at the time. I knew it was a fairytale and so I was surprised that so many guys loved it *grin*

Now, having seen it, I can see why. I agree, a good story and great action beat special effects hands down. The swordplay was wonderful in that film, very well down. I love Mandy Patinkin (sp?) and Carey Ellews as well.


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Aye, Carey Ellews is awsome. He's great in Robin hood men in tights as well.

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5th Earth (speaker to the void)

As I guy I admit I love this film too. I think it's because that, strange as it sounds, it has one of the most plausible and enjoyable male-driven love stories I've seen. While providing plenty of covering action and humor, guys can secretly identify with the "un-manly" idea of being devoted to a true love, and chasing her to the ends of the earth to save her from some unpleasant git. It's a good deal more detailed and involved than the usual "guy goes through a life-threatening experience with hapless female, and they kiss at the end".

Basically, it's the whole idea that a guy can be a romantic and a cool [email protected]$$ at the same time. At least, that's part of why I like it so much. As a fairy tale, it really has everything to offer--a film major go go for hours on all the archetypes found in the story.

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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

As the author of this entry I have to come out and admit that it's one of my favourite films as well and sits in a top ten that features such diverse titles as "The Warriors", "Dawn of the Dead" and "Doctor Zhivago." The qualities that make me love this film are many, but foremost are the stellar performances, the dialogue and the faithfulness to the spirit of the book. The cast are such a strange mixture ranging from veteran comic actors to those making their big-screen debuts and even managing to find a role for a beloved pro-wrestler along the way. The story as the previous posts show, breathes new life into the idea that a male hero can be an intelligent and romantic character without compromising (and indeed enhancing) his masculinity in the act.

This fil achieves more than a thousand lesser Hollywood outings with the big money SFX could.

As the t-shirt says:

"Westley Never Dies"

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I haven't yet seen the full movie but really loved the book and the parts of the movie I have seen(the posioned goblet scene). But I almost didn't readed it because I had some stupid idea that it was a girls book because it involed true love.

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Why shouldn't men (or boys) like it?
It had a clever script and some lines last with you for years afterwards.
Even my wife remembers lines from it, and she's got a terrible memory for movies.

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