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Another Experiment

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Baron Grim

It's always risky doing experiments with students. I remember seeing a video in school of similiar experiment conducted by a teacher on unknowing students. The movie was entitled 'The Wave' based on Ron Jones story about an experiment he performed on his 1967 Palo Alto, CA high school history class. A student asks a seemingly innocent question about how the German public in the thirties could have followed such an atrocious leader. About a week later, Jones introduces the class to a new student movement that emphasised community, a good work ethic and discipline called "the Wave". This 'movement' soon spreads outside his classroom and throughout the school. Soon students are persecuting anyone who does not adopt the ideals of the Wave or who do not meet those ideals. This 'experiment' has gotten out of Jones' control. He announces that 'the National Leader' will be presenting a nationwide address to Wave members via closed circuit tv. The assembled students are then shown footage of Hitler's rallies.
This movie had a profound effect on my life, but I'm very glad that I wasn't part of that experiment.

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Another Experiment

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Ralph the Wonder Llama and André the dodo; Excrement Occurs

I saw that movie! It's great!

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