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Ginger The Feisty

What about bhajee's? (is that how you spell it?) These vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant, from the greese popper that floods your plate with oil when you break into it, to the ones we had last weekend which could have been used as footballs! (I kid you not!)


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You again Feisty! I dunno, I wander in here to harp on about the culinary delights of the sub-continent, and here you are, beating me to the bhajee, as it were.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention the delights of the Reshmi Kebab, succulent spicy lamb, wrapped in a lightly whipped omlette, and topped with fresh coriander and lemon juice. A most wondrous starter!smiley - smiley

Also Murghi Badami is one of my faves. Exceedingly creamy and lots of fresh spices, gorgeous. you never seem to find it in restaurants though. Shame.


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I'm an Indian and shall try to demysify the term "bhajee". Importantly, it's a North Indian term and would almost never be used in South India.

The word bhajee means one of three things:

1. Spinach. All the spinach's are generically called bhajee.
2. Any vegetable dish. Again this is a generic term. So you could have "alu ki bhajee" which means any potatoe-centric dish. (Ki means "of"), or you could have "gobi ki bjajee" which is cauliflower or indeed you could have "palak ki bhajee" where palak is notmal big leafed spinach.
3. At an even more generic level it would mean just about any dish that one would have with bread, puri or chapatti. (I assume everyone knows what a chapatti is, having got this far!)


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