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Hater of all that is nosey

Personally, I think the theory for roundabouts is complete and utter pish. The fact that the average human being cannot operate correctly on an average roundabout remains true to the word. But now, the government are trying to confuse us even more by giving us triangular roundabouts (i'm sure you've all seen them)!!!! For starters, what is so round about it? Three sharp corners and three long edges does not equal round if you ask me! What'll be next squares?, rectangles? or even maybe a dodecaheydren? And roundabouts with trees on them - what idiot thought of that one? I can't see a family of birds, badgers etc. going to live on a nosey roundabout where the posibility of getting killed is NOT very slim. If you ask me, screw the roundabouts. Just drive - last man standing wins!

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