A Conversation for Roundabouts


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I hadn't noticed the Thais sticking to the middle of the road. It seemed to be more whereever they like, & the appropriate god provides a gap. The prevailing attitude being if the appropriate god hadn't meant me to us that part of the road he would have presented it to somebody else - possibly that family of 7 over there on the moped.


Thai's - What about the Italians?

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Caveman, Evil Unix Sysadmin, betting shop operative, and SuDoku addict (Its an odd mix, but someone has to do it)

Thai's? What about Italians..

Research on which side of the road the Italians drive on has so far proved inconclusive. One thing you can rely on is that they are driving in the general vicinity of the road, at high speed, and not paying attention to other road users, such as pedestrians.
No wonder they talk so fast, their reaction time is honed from birth as they have to get used to dodging speeding angry motorists...

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