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Warhammer Ancient Battles is a historical version of Wahrhammer published by GW. They don't sell it in their stores, because they don't want to take money away from their fantasy/sci-fi ranges, but it is available in any good wargames store and pretty good too. At present it goes from Ancient egypt, Babylonians, etc. through to about 12th century Britain.

They've also done an ECW (that's English Civil War, not pro-wrestling) version as well (roll on late medieval/early renaisance, I say).

Of course, take away the magic and the fantasy ranges and quite a few of the fantasy races are based on historical armies (though not particularly accurately, but then this is fantasy).

Empire = 16th C. Germanic (Landshnecks, etc.)
Brettonia = 14th C. French
Kirslev = 15th C. Russian
Norse = 10th C. Norse
Albion = 9th C. English
Moria = 9th C. Welsh
Slaan = 15th C. Aztec/Mayan
Estillia = 15th C. Spain
Tillia = 15th C. Italy
Tomb Kings = Ancient Egypt

(All dates are very approximate, it's the look and flavour of the period/composition, not accurate representations).


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